An annual art competition sponsored by Topps Tiles 2014

2010 winners

‘Mega Mosaic Makers’, celebrating creative mosaic art in primary schools, is organised by BAMM, the British Association of Modern Mosaic and sponsored by Topps Tiles. It has three objectives:

• To run an annual primary school mosaic art competition.

• To make funding available to schools to assist with future mosaic projects

• To engage children from an early age so they may be our craftmakers of the future.

About the Topps Tiles Mega Mosaics School Competition
This online competition identifies and celebrates the best in mosaic craft making. The competition accepts entries annually between January and end of MAY. 

Please enter in 2014.
All entries are warmly welcomed and could win one of the amazing prizes donated by Topps Tiles,  (£1,400 worth of mosaic materials are on offer, see prizes page)  - any mosaic about any theme is eligible for the competition. Any British primary school may enter, work made with teachers, parents helpers or professional artists are all accepted. Entries from schools with older children with disabilities are also encouraged. 


The 2014 competition is now closed, details about the 2015 competition will be announced here soon, watch this space.

Mega Mosaic Makers helped schools celebrate the greatest sporting event in the world, the Olympics, by providing over 20 schools with fabulous boxes of mixed tiles worth over £200 each. President of BAMM and competition judge Gary Drostle says; “The British Association for Modern Mosaic is very excited to see the continued development of the Mega Mosaic Competition. 2012 has been a great spotlight for both sporting and cultural activities across the UK and we are looking forward to seeing the mosaic contributions our schools made towards this Olympic event.”.

Would your school like free mosaic tiles?  Apply via this site for a free pack of mosaic tiles worth £150 under ‘apply for funding’, THIS YEARS PACKS HAVE BEEN ALLOCATED, SCHOOLS HAVE BEEN INFORMED, SORRY IF YOU WERE NOT SUCCESSFUL, packs will be sent out in early June 2014. Packs are free, unfortunately we do not have the resources to reply to all the unsuccessful schools.

The competition judging panel.
The competition is judged by three emminent UK mosaicists, Gary Drostle, David Tootill and Allan Punton. David founded Southbank Mosaics in 2004 and employs a small team of artists, he loves making mosaic art and thinking of ways to make his neighbourhood more attractive; he wants to keep working until he is at least 90!! He believes that this competition will help instill a love of the medium of mosaic…”children can learn to enjoy and understand this most durable of art forms at an early age, then it will open up and connect with many other skills”. Gary Drostle is currently president of BAMM, Gary has been making large scale public mosaics for over twenty years including many school and community mosaics. 


2012 winners

First prize  – Liz De Ath, ‘Together We Can’, with The Abbey School, Farnham, Surrey – please see pictures on entries page.
Whilst acknowledging the impressive scale of some of the entries – it is the simplicity and punchiness of this entry that made it the unanimous choice of the three judges for the the first prize.Artist Liz De Ath’s ‘Together We Can’, created with The Abbey School in Farnham, Surrey, looks like it was as much fun to make as it is to see every day. It makes the shape of the individual letters full of character and fun; it looks completely at home in it’s setting and is filled with joyous colour and movement. Using the school motto, the jigsaw based design was inspired by Mattise and reflects the wonderful creative imagination of the young people.

The judges choice for second place was Tamara Froud’s wonderful ‘Birds, Bugs and Us’. This is a large mosaic and marks the entrance to the school, the judges were particularly impressed with the ambition of the project and the variety of ways the tiles were laid to create different patterns. ‘The scale and the translation of children’s drawings into a workable motife shows a truely creative approach to the medium of mosaic. It is both outstanding from and totally integrated into its setting.’ – again, congratulations to the artist and to all involved at Forge Lane Primary School in Hanworth, Feltham.

Third prize – Maureen O’Kane and Bedwas Junior School, Caerphilly, Wales. The vibrant Rhymney River Culture Splash!, created by artist Maureen O’Kane adorns a wall at Bedwas Junior School in Cardiff takes third prize this year.

It is based upon ‘celebrating differences’ and the design is infused with patterns of textiles and rugs from around the world, designed in photoshop and executed with nippers, tiles and fingers, it combines two seemingly opposing but completely complementary skills – one modern and one ancient! ‘This well thought out and cleverly worked project skillfully translates the specific into the abstract in a riot of colour and movement’.  Well done to all it’s creators.

Highly Commended 2012
‘Where we come from, where we are going’ by Rockmount School in Upper Norwood, London with artist Julie Norburn of Art4space
‘Story Telling Mosaic Path’ by artist Tracy Cartledge and Chorlton Church of England Primary School, Chorlton-Cum-Hardy, Manchester

PRACTICAL ADVICE Competition organiser Anne Cardwell recognises some schools find the idea of making a mosaic rather daunting, “there is a  certain amount of technical know how that is required in order to make a mosaic and install it properly – you do not want to commit hours to a project only to find it falling to pieces a few years later”. To this end a worksheet about how to go about making a mosaic in a school – written by Oliver Budd, a talented, experienced artist and  veteran of many school projects and public art installations, is now available to download from this website from the ‘education’ page, entitled a ‘typical school project’.

There are also many other useful  hints and tips and sample projects written by Anne on this website, also under ‘education’. We strongly encourage schools to take a look at this information and hope they find it helpful and exhaustive, please note: your feedback on this section is most welcome and valuable.

If you would like to join a mailing list to be kept up to date with news about Mega Mosaic Makers please contact Anne Cardwell using the email address below.

Winning Mosaic 2009

Emma Fortes from sponsor, TOPPS TILES
An important part of being a “good neighbour” for Topps Tiles is ensuring we are active in the communities’ local to our stores and places where we work. We have a strong corporate social responsibility ethic at Topps and this is reflected in the work we do within our community and charity programmes.

Mosaic art is fast becoming a growing craft across the UK and Topps is proud to lead the way supporting the promotion of mosaic as both a public art and an educational craft skill for children across the country. The level of submissions in the Mega Mosaic Makers Competition has been outstanding and now in our fourth year of support, our enthusiasm and commitment remains unwavering to this fabulous competition, that allows primary schools to have the opportunity to showcase their work on a national stage.

“Topps Tiles is delighted to be part of Mega Mosaic Makers. Last year’s competition was a huge success and we are looking forward to another sponsorship year.  Making mosaics is all about tiles and it is exciting to see how children use them to create such wonderful art.  We work with many schools and groups on community mosaic projects, and, thanks to Mega Mosaic Makers, primary schools now have the opportunity to showcase their work on a national stage”

Winning mosaic 2008

The prizes are generously donated by Topps Tiles, with the winning entry attracting £500 in mosaic materials. Existing mosaic projects and newly created projects can both be entered  - previous entries can also be seen on the archived competition pages.

If you are a teacher or artist with a successful project to share please contact this website and we will feature it.

If you are a professional mosaic artist and a BAMM member and would like to be listed on our new  artists contact page please contact Anne Cardwell (via this website).

Learn more about BAMM, the British Association for Modern Mosaics.

mosaic-1BAMM was founded in 1999 and exists to promote, encourage and support excellence in contemporary mosaic art and to raise public awareness of modern mosaic art through exhibitions, publications, events and related educational activities. By joining BAMM you have access to an enormous amount of information about mosaic making, from enthusiast to professional, some of most emminent names in the British mosaic world are active members. Members are entitled to ‘Grout’, which is BAMM’s fantastic regular source of news, reviews, information and inspiration from the world of mosaics, published three times a year in full colour and is exclusive to members. Every BAMM member can exhibittheir work both in the exclusive members section of the website, which is an internationally recognised portal for mosaic enthusiasts, and also submit work to exhibitions at various UK locations. You can also find out information and links to many other mosaic related sites. Andamento’ is the annual journal free for BAMM members which looks in depth at modern mosaics and recent mosaic history. Andamento is also available to buy online on the BAMM site. A growing number of mosaic tile and equipment suppliers offer discounts on their products to BAMM members. Various memberships are available, including an ‘education’ membership.

Recent Entries

Wonderful Wildlife – 1st place School Life – 2nd place Garden Suburb Infant School Centenary Mosaic – 3rd place The Pine Abstract Art The Art of Music Habitats Memorial Mosaic Live, Love, Laugh, Learn The 7 Habits Tree