2009 Entries

Winners of the 2009 Mega Mosaic Makers primary school competition.

The 2012 competition will welcome entries from September 2012.

Bugs & Beasts – 1st prizeBugs & Beasts - 1st prize

Artist Oliver Budd explains how the mosaic came into existence. “This work came about following another project where every child in the school made a glass mosaic butterfly (156) each one about 10″ across.  These were laminated with fibreglass on the back and set into the ground on thin canes at different heights to look […]

I am a Tree – winner 2nd prizeI am a Tree - winner 2nd prize

This project was undertaken by the whole school from Nursery pupils to Year 6 including Staff, parents and the community. The mosaic is dedicated to Poet Dr Edmund Cusick who passed away following a short illness and who was a father to two of our pupils. Edmund Cusick was a Lecturer of English at John […]

Our Town Round The Yard – winner 3rd prizeOur Town Round The Yard - winner 3rd prize

The idea for the mosaic came from the desire to brighten up appearance of the front of the school. We now have a decorative exterior mosaic that everyone can enjoy. The mosaics were based on designs made by Year 5 and Year 6 children of landmarks in and around Hartlepool. The mosaic is made up […]

Northolt – A Child’s Eye View – highly commendedNortholt - A Child's Eye View - highly commended

The picture depicts the school’s busy local environment including the church and ancient clock in the old village of Northolt, the Polish War Memorial, the R.A.F. and a more recent man made parkland named Northala Hills. In contrast to the busy built up area which shows the A40 running through the middle, the school wanted […]

Welcome (Aspiration and Transformation) – highly commendedWelcome (Aspiration and Transformation) - highly commended

Our project was commissioned by Birmingham City Council’s extended learning project and focused specifically on involving newly arrived children and parents in the Sparkhill area of Birmingham. The incentive was to encourage confidence in these families settling into a new community, while learning both new creative and english language skills. About 20 children and 5 […]

Water on the Beach – runner upWater on the Beach - runner up

The children were given a challenge to transform a dull and disused area of the playground. The PTA task force dug over the area in preparation. A class of 30 Year 3′s designed 3 panels in a water theme, they were encouraged to make their design abstract as well as representational. All the children in […]

Fairytale Tower – runner upFairytale Tower - runner up

The mosaic project was part of a cross European arts project. Eight schools form different countries are learning mosaic techniques. We started with paper, went on to foam tiles and then worked with local artist David Bower to make a large wall plaque. We had so much fun we went on to make the fairytale […]

Space  – runner upSpace - runner up

This project was carried out as part of the school’s annual book week, the theme for which was Outer Space. All the design elements are from the childrens’ original drawings, organised by the artist into an overall design. Special credit to Dhruva for the great joke image of the Mars Rover sending back the message […]

Music Mosaic – runner upMusic Mosaic - runner up

The commission was to make a mosaic to celebrate one of the most enjoyed subject in the curriculum: music! It was part funded by Awards for All and also the schools funds. Pupils from 6-11 were involved, 240 of them. It is located on an outside wall in Bethnal Green in the school but visable […]

Noah’s Ark – runner upNoah's Ark - runner up

Noah’s Ark was created over a period of 3 months, it took about 60 hrs with just 2 parent helper volunteers who ran the whole project. Aside from a couple of test pieces it was our 1st mosaic, although we researched extensively and I went on a workshop with Kate Rattray. The project took place from […]

Southfields Pebble Mosaic – runner upSouthfields Pebble Mosaic - runner up

The project was created over a total 60 hours, by 90 children aged 4-7 in the outdoor learning area of Southfields Primary School in Coventry, with educational artists The Big Art People. A choice of designs were created by The Big Art People and chosen by the children. The design they chose was inspired by […]

Tutankhamun – death mask – runner upTutankhamun - death mask - runner up

A Yr 6 topic on Ancient Egypt was the stimulus. The drawing was traced from a photograph of the mask and the project leader had it enlarged at a local copy centre. The project leader (artist in residence) sourced all the materials and provided the tools. The charge to the school was for materials only, […]

Our Community – runner upOur Community - runner up

The 3 metre by 1 metre wide mosaic was created to welcome children, parents, staff and visitors to the school at its entrance. The theme was the celebration of the school and it’s core ethos, subjects and its surroundings. The children drew what they thought was important and many of the ideas were incorporated into […]

Ten outdoor panels for Oundle – runner upTen outdoor panels for Oundle - runner up

Our project was commissioned by the governing body and involved all 462 pupils attending the school spanning year groups 5 – 8 inclusive. The 3 pictures submitted with this entry give a tiny flavour of the work involved in the creation of 10 mosaics which now brighten the outside environments allocated to individual year groups. Themes […]

What can you See under the Sea – runner upWhat can you See under the Sea - runner up

The project was for Art Week held at James Wolfe School & all the Reception & Nursery children were involved, so aged between 3 and 5 years. The theme for the school was the elements & the Foundation stage’s element was water. I designed the layout as rough outlines of the fish, seaweed etc but […]

Our World  – runner upOur World - runner up

Osmotherley School’s ‘Our World’ mosaic project involved every child in the school, ranging from age 4 to 11. The mosaic was intended to tie in with the children’s theme work on global issues. The mosaic workshops extended over two and a half days, with one day for the younger group (split into two afternoons) and […]

Our School – runner upOur School - runner up

The mosaic was commissioned to mark the school moving from an old victorian building to a brand new building. All the children talked about what was important to us and what they’d like to see in the mosaic. The children in KS2 designed the mosaic depicting various aspects of school and village life. Over the […]

Eco TreeEco Tree

The mosaic was created during an after school activity during the Summer term. The session last 40 minutes and took 9 weeks to complete. The pupils also created their own small mosaic pictures using the same methods. The group of 10 pupils ranging from 7-11 year olds chose to do this activity because they were […]

The Holy TrinityThe Holy Trinity

The individual mosaic leaves were made by the children and applied to ‘MDF trees’ and the larger leaves were made from MDF painted.

Celebrating 50 Years of the SchoolCelebrating 50 Years of the School

A mural celebrating their 50th anniversary. The 9 square metre mural was completed with pupils and depicts the school’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations. The mural has been designed from pupils drawings and field trips out to draw buildings in the local area to portray the school and its geographical area. Also to convey a feeling of […]

Canada Hill Primary SchoolCanada Hill Primary School

This four foot square mosaic was completed in six months at the after school art club. The children aged between 7 and 11 drew out their ideas for the design and artist Penny Robson transferred these onto the wood. Each class in the school is named after a tree so the children incorporated leaves into […]

The Magic Fish ProjectThe Magic Fish Project

The young people at Kinsale School are magic. And I am proud to submit the magic fish project on their behalf. Most of our young people at Kinsale School have predominately been diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, however please do not let that fool you! Irrespective of their abilities, to their maximum potential, I have […]

Rainbow HarbourRainbow Harbour

Mosaic designed using elements of children’s own individual designs, selected and drawn by children with support of class teacher onto 3 boards. The design represents ‘all that is good about the school’ as well as its location. 26 children, aged 6-9. 2 hours a week for 12 weeks. Boards displayed on entrance wall into school. […]

We are the WorldWe are the World

The centre-piece of the design:the children and the world,was provided by the school(their new logo) and the theme of endangered species was taken as inspiriation for the sea creatures around it.The three circles were then placed into the night sky.The concept and design was drawn out by the artist. Thirty-three year 5 children aged between […]

Jambo Kenya (Hello Kenya)Jambo Kenya (Hello Kenya)

Our project was to celebrate our link with schools in Kenya and India made through the Eden Garden’s for Life project. The first mosaic was designed by an 8 year old child, Zenara Hayton and transfered exactly onto the board symbolising how plants need sun and water to grow and their importance to us. I […]

Highfield Gaudi GardenHighfield Gaudi Garden

The project was to create a quiet contemplative area in the school garden for children to relax and find a friend if they were lonely or didnt engage with other children. The area previously just had a picnic bench and was uninviting. Over a period of 6 months Art Start artists worked with 60 year […]


The project took 4 days to execute involving all the children in the school (280) and many of the adults. Children aged 4 -11 yrs. All children designed animals and submitted them and many were chosen in finished design. Project sponsored by the trustees and PTA. The mosaic is to the side and over a […]

London 2012London 2012

This project was carried out during the school’s annual book week, the theme for which was fitness. The design was created by the artist after discussion with teachers. Year 4 and 5 children worked on the project under the supervision of the artist, in rotating groups of 5 or 6 over a four day period. […]

Harrietsham Primary School housesHarrietsham Primary School houses

The mosaic was made in response to the school houses being renamed Phoenix, Griffin and Dragon. Oliver Budd then designed and made the mosaic with all of the 140 children involved, aged 4-11 years, in actually placing the individual tiles on the design. The mosaic forms an exciting centre piece to the entrance of the […]


As part of a wider redevelopment scheme, parts of the playground have been reworked and replanted and a bandstand was built for the school’s brass band. To enhance the developments, the school was looking to create artwork with a musical theme. The project was supported by Hampshire County Council. A design day was set up […]

Hidden Creatures in the African JungleHidden Creatures in the African Jungle

The aim was to celebrate the link with a school in Tanzania and the children created drawings after researching the jungle animals of the country. The overall design was put together by the artist Tamara Froud. Workshops were set up at the school over 2 days in the summer term and around 80 children aged […]

Welcome MosaicWelcome Mosaic

After a serious redevelopment and partial new build of the premises, the school wanted a piece of artwork, designed and created by the children, to brighten up the new entrance. During design sessions, the children drew drawings on the theme of play, which were put into an overall design by Tamara Froud. In some instances […]

Welcome to Bassetts FarmWelcome to Bassetts Farm

This was organised between the head Mrs Christine Jones, our governor Mr Allan Punton and the PTA (who funded the project). All the children were involved in an art project to produce a piece of art on a subject they related to school. The age range was 5-11 years. Mr Punton and Mrs Jones collated […]

The 1950′sThe 1950's

This large mosaic was produced by all year 5 children as part of their studies about the 1950′s.(funded by a national lottery heritage bid) They researched the era which included holding a coffe morning for members of the community and asking questions about peoples memories of the time. The children used the internet to find […]