Bugs & Beasts – 1st prize

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Bugs & Beasts – 1st prize

Filed under: 2009 entries
School: Challock Primary School
Location: Ashford, Kent
Artist: Oliver Budd
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Artist Oliver Budd explains how the mosaic came into existence.

“This work came about following another project where every child in the school made a glass mosaic butterfly (156) each one about 10″ across.  These were laminated with fibreglass on the back and set into the ground on thin canes at different heights to look as if they were flying.  The butterflys were a small element of a garden they had designed for the Chelsea Flower Show at which they won a Silver Medal.

Following the success of this project the headteacher decided that the rather ugly front of the school should be decorated, but what to do with 1950′s oil stained brick-work.. answer, call back that mosaic artist!

Working as we had done with the butterflies I led a series of workshops involving the whole school, teachers, parents, dinner ladies, governers and secretarial staff, and we prefabricated a number of animals, insects and plants over the period of one week, all in vitreous glass mosaic and ceramic tile.

It was always my intention to do a really major mosaic project with a school, so I convinced the head that not only should we install all these creatures onto the front of the school building, but that we should clad everything in-between with a white/off white and cream tile.. all broken-up to homgenise the tones.  These we bought from Ashfords Topps Tiles also dipping into some old stock I had in the studio.

It took myself and an assistant, along with the help of Barbara Lammers of Mosaic Trader UK, four days to install all the separate creatures, clad the walls with broken tile, then grout the whole wall. We had a grand opening performed by a school governer and Amanda, one-time Sheriff of Kent.

The children, staff and myself were all very proud of our efforts, as Amanda said at the opening “this mosaic has completely transformed the front of our school!”

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