Celebrating 50 Years of the School

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Celebrating 50 Years of the School

Filed under: 2009 entries
School: Our Lady of Muswell Roman Catholic Primary School
Location: Muswell Hill, London
Artist: Maud Milton
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A mural celebrating their 50th anniversary. The 9 square metre mural was completed with pupils and depicts the school’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations. The mural has been designed from pupils drawings and field trips out to draw buildings in the local area to portray the school and its geographical area. Also to convey a feeling of inspiration and creativity through education, where trumpets, rockets and flowers intertwine with the planets of the solar system. An illustration of the River Thames is also featured flowing through the mural, highlighting the school’s location of Muswell Hill within the geography and the solar system!

Teresa McBride, Headteacher: “Working with Maud and the other artists/muralists from Artyface was a wonderful experience for the whole school community. Pupils, staff, parents and governors were all given an opportunity to contribute to the design and making of our golden jubilee mural. The mural itself is a masterpiece, which reflects our school and all we aim for. Every visitor has made positive remarks about our mural and it will be a wonderful reminder of our golden jubilee celebrations long into the future.”

The mural was funded by Awards for All and the PTA. Grout and Adhesive was sponsored by Ardex (www.ardex.co.uk). Age range was 5-11, 453 pupils took part, with occasional input from caretakers, dinner ladies, teachers, parents and 5 artists.

The mural is passed by and touched and enjoyed by hundreds of children everyday! They are rightly proud of their achievements. Everything in the mural is drawn by a child, decisions made for colours and shapes were made with children and they made all the clay tiles for the buildings , the school logo and the planets.

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