Fairytale Tower – runner up

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Fairytale Tower – runner up

Filed under: 2009 entries
School: Chandag Infants
Location: Keynsham, Bristol
Artist: David Bower
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The mosaic project was part of a cross European arts project. Eight schools form different countries are learning mosaic techniques. We started with paper, went on to foam tiles and then worked with local artist David Bower to make a large wall plaque. We had so much fun we went on to make the fairytale tower with a dragon breathing fire, a unicorn,knight, spider and princess.

The ideas came from the children who drew the pictures and wrote stories and then David sketched out the pictures on huge sheets of paper which were then transposed to an old chimney pot. Then all 120 Year 1 and 2 children (5-7) took turns to stick on the mosaic tiles over three days.

The tower is cemented into our playground at school and the children play every day making up stories and acting out the fairy tales. Our PTA paid for half of the project (total £2000) and the school the rest so as you can imagine we would really apreciate a grant to help.

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