Jambo Kenya (Hello Kenya)

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Jambo Kenya (Hello Kenya)

Filed under: 2009 entries
School: Upton Cross C.P. School
Location: Liskeard, Cornwall
Artist: Jackie Wray
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Our project was to celebrate our link with schools in Kenya and India made through the Eden Garden’s for Life project.

The first mosaic was designed by an 8 year old child, Zenara Hayton and transfered exactly onto the board symbolising how plants need sun and water to grow and their importance to us.

I had visited our partner schools in Kenya and seen the Masai people and Kenyan wildlife and we wanted to put a lasting reminder of our link in the playground.

The designs were completed by Y3/4 children with some help from me (the class teacher). The pictures were enlarged and drawn onto external waterproof plywood. Then the class of 32 (children 6-8years) took turns working in groups of 6 to complete the mosaic which I then grouted with exterier grout. The mosaic materials were sponsored by Creative Partnerships as part of the Garden for Life Project.

The children loved the process of creating the mosaic and were stunned by it’s beauty when finished. It took us about a month to complete. The Kenyan teachers visited while we were making it and even helped a little adding a few symbolic pieces of mosaic. It was also displayed at the Eden project as part of a celebration of the link. It is now a colourful reminder in the playground of our far away friends in Kenya. We want to add a third mosaic based on India to complete our Garden’s for life school triptic and are waiting for a design to be sent from our other partner school in Mumbai!



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