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Our Community – runner up

Filed under: 2009 entries
School: St. Katharine's Church Of England Primary School
Location: Southbourne, Bournemouth, Dorset
Artist: Natalie Guy
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The 3 metre by 1 metre wide mosaic was created to welcome children, parents, staff and visitors to the school at its entrance. The theme was the celebration of the school and it’s core ethos, subjects and its surroundings.

The children drew what they thought was important and many of the ideas were incorporated into the final design. The final layout was chosen by staff and drawn out by local artist Natalie, who included as many as possible of the elements of the children’s drawings, keeping the outline of the layout exact to the childrens drawing on the 3 boards.

The whole school worked hard in this project and every single child of the school of 435 with an age range from 4-11, staff, lunch supervisers, caretakers, cleaners, secertaries,parents mosaiced thier part of many different areas and themes, chosing the colours and the size of the tile.

The mosaic includes (from the top) a cross,clouds,a banner of St. Katharine’s held by a bee and butterfly, multi coloured sky, boy and girl holding hands to represent unity in correct uniform with ties, cricket stumps and ball with stitching, musical notes, a pencil,the bank and different colours to reflect the tide of the estuary (the school is situated near Hengistbury Head, midway between the sea and Christchurch Harbour), the world, paintbrush and palette with colours, a black and white hand inside each other (to represent thier link with a Ugandan school – Yurie Yoshimi School), the school logo and the wording: ‘Part of God’s Family’ in the grass. The mosaic was created in the library over the period of 3 days and designs/layout within a day and a half (about 35 hours). The project used some donated discontinued tiles from Reed Harris, London and was heavily discounted as it was a school project by Poppies Art Workshops – Natalie is the Creative Director. It was unveiled by Father John. The mosaic contains some coloured tiles with small flecks of gold used for the cross and the water in which the sun twinkles!

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