Southfields Pebble Mosaic – runner up

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Southfields Pebble Mosaic – runner up

Filed under: 2009 entries
School: Southfields Primary School
Location: Coventry
Artist: Tim Stanton
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The project was created over a total 60 hours, by 90 children aged 4-7 in the outdoor learning area of Southfields Primary School in Coventry, with educational artists The Big Art People. A choice of designs were created by The Big Art People and chosen by the children.

The design they chose was inspired by the school’s logo: The Southfields Tiger. The project was a pebble mosaic, so all of the pieces used were natural stone. The challenge is to find stones of the right shade, size and shape, so it was up to the children to look very carefully to find the right ones for the job. The designs were made up in sand trays, to enable us to move them about as went along (like a giant jigsaw). Afterwards, the artists had the arduous job of transferring each and every pebble onto the wall and floor, except for the corner panels – which the children did themselves.

The project covered the whole amphitheatre area, with the main tiger mosaic in the centre, 8 main panels around the outside of the seating, as well as the gaps between the seats. A video diary of the process can be found on YouTube.

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