Space  – runner up

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Space – runner up

Filed under: 2009 entries
School: Darell Primary School
Location: Richmond, Surrey
Artist: John O'Brien
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This project was carried out as part of the school’s annual book week, the theme for which was Outer Space. All the design elements are from the childrens’ original drawings, organised by the artist into an overall design.

Special credit to Dhruva for the great joke image of the Mars Rover sending back the message “No Martians here” while the Martians hide behind the rocks!

Year 6 children worked in rotating groups of 5 or 6 over a four day period to nip the tiles and complete the mosaic. On the fifth day a small group grouted the finished piece. One teacher assisted on and off during the week.

The majotity of the mosaic is vitreous glass, but pebbles are used for the planet surface, polymer clay for the lettering and there are some glass carbouchons with silver stars stuck underneath them. Some white grouting has been used to emphasise the spacewoman and space shuttle. Waffle boards were used to make some of the border elements allowing less dexterous students to make their contributions away from the main mosaic, to be added later.

The childrern did fine work and the mosaic is much loved by the kids and greatly admired by parents and visitors.

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