Ten outdoor panels for Oundle – runner up

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Ten outdoor panels for Oundle – runner up

Filed under: 2009 entries
School: Oundle & King's Cliffe Middle School
Location: Peterborough, Cambridgeshire
Artist: Maira Swanson
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Our project was commissioned by the governing body and involved all 462 pupils attending the school spanning year groups 5 – 8 inclusive. The 3 pictures submitted with this entry give a tiny flavour of the work involved in the creation of 10 mosaics which now brighten the outside environments allocated to individual year groups.

Themes for the project were Independence, Caring & Sharing, Friendship, Teamwork and Peace. Creation of the mosaics encompassed all ability levels and ages ranging from 9yrs – 13 yrs.

All pupils within the school were invited to submit designs based on their individual interpretation of the themes. Winning designs were chosen by a panel including mosaic artist Maira Swanson and other representatives of the school.

Under Maira’s supervision all children took turns to work in groups of 10 for approximately one hour at a time. With her guidance children learned how to;

  • Translate designs on to brown paper
  • Cut glass tiles into smaller pieces
  • Stick the tiles onto the design

During these sessions the history of mosaics was discussed together with the process needed to complete the mosaics.

A display within the school depicts, with words and pictures, the story of our mosaic project from design stage, through the key stages to final completion.

Creation of the ten mosaics took a total of 50 hours to complete between March and June 2009.

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