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Welcome Mosaic

Filed under: 2009 entries
School: Knights Enham Infant School
Location: Andover, Hampshire
Artist: Chris Mussellwhite
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After a serious redevelopment and partial new build of the premises, the school wanted a piece of artwork, designed and created by the children, to brighten up the new entrance.

During design sessions, the children drew drawings on the theme of play, which were put into an overall design by Tamara Froud. In some instances exact drawings were used and in other instances, details from many drawings were amalgamated to create elements of the design.

Four days of workshops were set up to make the mosaic with the children. The workshops took place in summer 2009 in the temporary accommodation while building work was going on. During carefully controlled sessions, the whole school: 210 children, staff, parents and student teachers took part and helped to create the mosaic. The age range was 3-7 years.

Working around the building schedule, the mosaic was installed by the artists of Mosaic Art Ltd. and the beautiful entrance mural now welcomes visitors, staff, parents and children to the new building.



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