What can you See under the Sea – runner up


One Response to “What can you See under the Sea – runner up”
  1. John says:

    Amazing work from kids aged 3-5.
    Specially like the Octopus.
    Well done.

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What can you See under the Sea – runner up

Filed under: 2009 entries
School: James Wolfe Primary School
Location: Greenwich, London SE10
Artist: Caroline Elkington
Comments: 1 Comment


The project was for Art Week held at James Wolfe School & all the Reception & Nursery children were involved, so aged between 3 and 5 years.

The theme for the school was the elements & the Foundation stage’s element was water.

I designed the layout as rough outlines of the fish, seaweed etc but the children chose colours & patterning of the areas as they worked on the different sections. They used PVA glue to stick the tiles in place so had freedom to place colour as they wanted- some were a bit random!!

There wasn’t a budget for the project so materials used were left over from an earlier mosaic project which the older children at the school made.

The work is located on the outside wall of the Foundation stage building in their playground. It was done over a period of 2 weeks.



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