Aspects of our Community


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  1. Tara says:

    A fantastic mosaic, you can tell alot of time and effort has gone into making it.
    Best one i have seen by a mile

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Aspects of our Community

Filed under: 2010 entries
School: Marlpool Junior School
Location: Heanor, Derbyshire
Artist: Jane Guilor
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Towards the end of last year a large scale project was undertaken to create a piece of artwork that would enhance our Upper Playground.

It was decided that a mosaic showing aspects of our local area would be a good idea. Pupils from each year group were encouraged to come up with a design that could be used. Elements for the design were to include; community, friendship, history and geography.

After much deliberation it was decided that a Year 5 pupil’s design would be used for the project but modified slightly so that it would be simpler for the children as they had to work with tiles.

The images were then transferred onto the board using an overhead projector. The project took approximately 50 hours to complete. Although we had outside donations, all the work was completed by Mrs Guilor and pupils aged 10 and 11.

The children worked extremely hard on the project and should be very proud of their achievement. It has brightened up their playground and turned a rather dull wall into quite a magical space especially when the sunlight hits it.

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