Joshua’s Pond


2 Responses to “Joshua’s Pond”
  1. barry haynes says:

    A very beautiful creation, with so much effort going into Joshua’s Pond. When the sun catches the mirror moon it lights up the whole mosaic..We are all very proud of the Mosaic and everyone involved.

  2. neesha housden says:

    we take josh to school in the taxi and he is a very special boy ,the mosaic and joshes garden are really beautifull and a lovely reminder of when josh ist started school at little wilburham ,a lot of work went into this progect but it was all well worth it ,when we went to see it with josh and his family joshes face just lit up when he saw it ,and that just said it all ,it was magical x

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Joshua’s Pond

Filed under: 2010 entries
School: Great Wilbraham C of E Primary School
Location: Great Wilbraham, Cambridgeshire
Artist: Laura Latham
Comments: 2 Comments


The project was inspired by Joshua, one of our pupils who was leaving the school at the end of year 6. Joshua and his parents wanted to give the school a present as a thankyou for his time with us.

Joshua has cerebral palsy and is registered blind so he really liked the idea of a mosaic which would be very tactile. He had the idea of a pond with a moon and he and his class came up with the features that were included in the final design which was created by class teacher Laura Latham. It was an important part of the project that everyone in the school took part in making the mosaic, from reception children to the head teacher. It was completed over half a term in spare time, during playtimes and also after school.

The finished mosaic is placed on the wall of the school just by the playground entrance where everyone can see it. The children are often seen touching it and discovering new features they hadn’t spotted before, and every child know which bit they did! It’s a lovely way to remember a very special child who is now getting on brilliantly at his new school.

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