Small World – highly commended

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Small World – highly commended

Filed under: 2010 entries
School: Westcliff Primary School
Location: Dawlish, Devon
Artist: Michelle Wilcox
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The theme of insects and mini beasts was chosen by the children and teachers.

All the children from every year group made drawings of their favourite ones and these were given to Michelle (the mosaic artist), who had the very difficult task of choosing a selection from each year to include in the mosaic.

Michelle designed the composition on the wooden board (3ft x 4ft), copying the children’s drawings exactly, including as many as she possibly could. She then mosaiced the very difficult bits and brought it in to the school for the children to finish. Children from each year had the chance to stick pieces on in small groups, until everyone had had a go. Michelle then too the mosaic away to grout and finish. The mosaic is now attached to the wall of the playground.

The project was funded by ‘Friends of Westcliff’ a parent led group, who are very pleased with the outcome, as are the children.

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