2012 Entries

Results for the 2012 competition are below. Please do consider entering a mosaic from your school, the competition opens again in September 2013 and we look forward to receiving your entries.

Together we can – winner 1st prizeTogether we can - winner 1st prize

The Abbey School, Menin Way Farnham, Surrey. A special needs school for 11 to 16 year olds. An initiative of the head of art Aimee Andrews to access some funding for this project. Her aim was to help the children brighton the school environment and learn/ experience new creative skills. Using the school motto as […]

Bugs, Birds and Us – winner 2nd prizeBugs, Birds and Us - winner 2nd prize

The main entrance to this school is obscured and the teachers wanted the children to add their mark and make the entrance area more welcoming and obvious. The drawings and ideas came from the children:  year 6 drew children, reception drew butterflies, year 5 drew dragon flies, year 4 drew caterpillars, year 3 drew bugs, […]

Rhymney River Culture Splash! – winner 3rd prizeRhymney River Culture Splash! - winner 3rd prize

The inspiration for this mosaic project was taken from the local school environment, in particular the Rhymney River, to celebrate the strength of the local community of Bedwas near Caerphilly in South Wales. As the children’s literacy work in years five and six had been based upon celebrating differences, Samantha Hall, the Curriculum Co-ordinator wanted […]

Where we come from. Where we are going. – highly commendedWhere we come from. Where we are going. - highly commended

This mosaic is a huge success story; the school and Art4Space were pro-active in raising the funding; the pupils were involved in the project every step of the way: Reception and year 1 created designs (which are authentic in the final piece as we use projector to scale up), Years 2 and 3 made the […]

Story Telling Mosaic Path – highly commendedStory Telling Mosaic Path - highly commended

This project offered the opportunity for 30 Y3 children to create original designs using ceramic mosaic. They all experienced the process of casting concrete and making durable stepping stones with mosaic inlay. The whole school was involved in the design process. All the children created images to represent elements of stories: characters, objects and places, […]

2012 Mosaic2012 Mosaic

The design competion ran throughout the school and elements were taken from all years and incorporated into the work. The 31 year 6 pupils and those with design elements made the mosiac with the help of an artist over a week. It was put in situ by Sir Steve Redgrave in September 2012.

The OlympicsThe Olympics

At St Helen’s we offer our children lots of exciting creative arts projects across the school year. This includes our annual Arts weeks (2 weeks in June). Each year has a different theme and links the arts to different subject areas – hence this year, the Olympics. Each year group gets to work with different […]

Welcome to Heston Primary SchoolWelcome to Heston Primary School

Heston Primary School is brand new. Their school logo was designed by one of the year 6 pupils and it forms the basis for this welcome mosaic in the school entrance. Some flowers and leaves and a welcome message have been added to the logo to create an attractive artwork at the front door of […]

Battlefield Centenary MosaicBattlefield Centenary Mosaic

Battlefield Primary marked an important milestone this year as it celebrated 100 years in the southside community. The school reached it’s centenary on Sunday 3rd September 2012 and had a jam packed week of events planned for both pupils and Battlefield resident to commemorate this historic year. All staff and pupils are enjoying the centenary […]

Gerwyn’s DragonGerwyn's Dragon

The mosaic was created as a memorial to a previous and much loved Deputy Head. The design was created from childrens’ drawings. The theme was based around Wales and story telling as that was Gerwyn’s forte. The children worked for 3 days to create the mosaic with Anne Schwegman and Sue Evans. Every class was […]

Flower WallFlower Wall

This project was the brainchild of the dynamic head teacher, Miss Newbury. She has been busy instigating a new outlook at the school that celebrates creativity and recognises that happy, creative children will often perform better in academic subjects too if their artistic and play sides are allowed to develop. General results are improving and […]

Bradley Barton Pixel ProjectBradley Barton Pixel Project

Michelle was commissioned to work with the key stage two children to make a series of three colourful mosaics, to be placed opposite the reception desk in the school entrance. The teachers wanted a project that would combine photography, ICT and art. Firstly the children took photographs in the beautiful gardens that surround the school. […]

Y Byd NaturY Byd Natur

Years 1 and 2 were asked to do drawings from the world of nature. The drawings were blown up and where possible the children helped to create the individual elements of the design. There are over 100 pupils in year 1 and 2 all of which had an opportunity to create a leaf for the tree, […]

Olympic RingsOlympic Rings

The original idea for the project was taken from the Widgit symbol.  The project was completed by six young people (14-18 years old) with special needs over a period of 2 weeks. The main aim for the project is to place it permanently in the school garden as a decorative table.

Inspired by Olympic ValuesInspired by Olympic Values

The mosaic is 1.5 x 1 metre, it was started in April 2012, so has taken 6 months to complete. Most of the work has been done by the 315 children (Age 4 -11) in small groups and extended school Art and Craft Club run by Mrs Crawford who also designed and created the layout. […]

London 2012London 2012

In late 2010 Darell School held an art week on the theme of Fitness. With the Olympics on the way and interest starting to build what better subject could there be for a mosaic project during the art week. Children from years 5 and 6 worked on the mosaic using glass tile, unglazed ceramic and […]

Animals of the worldAnimals of the world

All the children in the school worked on this mosiac, aged from 3 to 11.  They worked on in for half a  term so that the children had 4 sessions of mosaic making each.  Parents also came in on worked on the mosaics at set times.  Every school governor also laid a piece of the […]

The School CommunityThe School Community

St Johns School wanted to make the new entrance building more part of the school by reflecting the school children within as well as the school community. The children did some fantastic drawings inspired by their school activities, many of which were included in the final design, put together by the artist. During an intensive […]

Olympic SportsOlympic Sports

Working with children with severe, profound physical and learning disabilities ages 3 – 19. The brief was to involve every child in the school to produce a mosaic to commemorate the Olympic Games.  The school in particular wanted to explore sporting symbols and some of the sports the children were familiar with at the school. […]

Olympic ValuesOlympic Values

The school wanted to celebrate and commemorate the Olympic Games by producing a mosaic for their assembly hall.  The brief in particular was to explore the Olympic Values of respect, inspiration, excellence, equality, courage, determination and friendship. We chose a 40″ circular design as the circle not only represents an Olympic medal and the Olympic […]

Under The SeaUnder The Sea

Four Teignmouth primary schools took part in the project: Hazeldown, Inverteign, Shaldon primary and OLSP. The money was raised by an organisation called Teignmouth First to celebrate jubilee year. The children from the four schools were asked to make drawings of what they imagined took place under the sea, as we are a seaside town. […]

Hope and JoyHope and Joy

Hope and Joy were designed by Oliver and Alice, two teenagers undergoing treatment for cancer at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. The hospital has on-site facilities to allow the children to continue their education whilst in hospital. Hope and Joy are mosaic Fat Birds. Alice designed Joy to celebrate the visit of HRH Prince William to […]

Land, Sea and AirLand, Sea and Air

This was a school project and every single child in a school of 174, four to seven year olds, contributed to the design as well as the execution. This included many children with special educational needs. The children made drawings during an arts’ week on the themes of Land, Sea and Air.  These were given […]

Our Special Year – 2012Our Special Year - 2012

The mosaic was designed and created by Key Stage 2 children (approx 120) from Asquith Primary School in Morley near Leeds, over two days. Children produced designs capturing the major events of 2012 including the 10 year celebration of the school. The mosaic will be proudly displayed in the school hall, following an official unveiling.

London 2012London 2012

The mosaic was created by a small class of Primary 5 pupils aged 9 and 10. After many sketches and ideas, it was agreed that the mosaic would be divided into sections to depict different events and aspects of the Olympics, including cycling, archery, kissing torches, judo, the mascots, the logo, sailing, diving, BMX, gymnastics, […]

Our Olympic TransitionOur Olympic Transition

Created by Year 6, St Thomas More RC primary school to celebrate the London 2012 Olympic in mosaic. The workshops took place during the transition of children from primary to secondary school and reflected their journey through their primary school years. Thirty children took part in the project over just 3 afternoons.

River ThamesRiver Thames

The project took two weeks. We had support of the John Lyons Foundation and the Parent Teachers Association. Every child in the school laid several tiles, as well as most teachers, and some parents. The mosaic is a map of the River Thames and includes an Olympics symbol.

2012 Jubilee Celebrations2012 Jubilee Celebrations

This 1m by 1m mosaic was created and inspired by this year’s celebrations of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics. The children drew different designs on this theme and the most popular elements of design such as the Olympic flame, the flags, children waving the flags, flowers, the golden carriage, and the Queen were […]

An Olympic YearAn Olympic Year

Our mosaic was designed and created by all the children at Shawhead School and their art teacher. Shawhead School is a very small rural school with only 16 pupils (At the time of making the mosaic), so everyone, from P1 to P7 had to help out! The children discussed Olympic sports with their Art Teacher, […]

2012 Oympics Celebration Mosaic2012 Oympics Celebration Mosaic

The 2012 Olympic Celebration mosaic was created over 5 days during an Olympic Topic week. Every child in the school and pre-school took part (approximately 200 children, age 3- 11 years). Teachers and parents also helped therefore making it a whole community effort! The mosaic is now sited at the entrance to the school hall […]

2012 Celebration Mosaic2012 Celebration Mosaic

Every child a Whitminster Primary School, approximately 90 children in total, aged 4 – 11 years, submitted drawings and ideas for the ‘2012 Celebration Mosaic’. The drawings that were included in the design reflected the school’s 7 core values: New, start, new day……..a sun Celebrate and be proud………a child winning a medal Embrace, enthuse and […]

Tewkesbury Timeline Mural and MosaicTewkesbury Timeline Mural and Mosaic

This school project involved painting a 12m long link corridor with a timeline of the history of Tewkesbury adorned with 8 separate mosaics – a daunting prospect in just one week!  The design was inspired by ideas and drawings submitted by the children, many of which were included and featured subjects from their class topics […]

Pheonix Won!Pheonix Won!

This wall comprises of the complete front wall of the school.  It had a painted mural on the wall that was old and rather tired. A pupil (Pheonix) won a competition and all the elements were included in the final mosaic (including a mosaic pheonix!) The mosaics were set onto Nomoreply and fixed across the […]

Then & NowThen & Now

This mosaic came about as the old Victorian school was demolished to make way for a completely new building. My very first school project had been at this school back in 1992 but was fixed permanently so, after much effort, we managed to save the central roundel from the original and incorporate it into the […]

Four CrownsFour Crowns

Based on the school badge and the colours of the four school houses. The children had been looking at the work of Andy Warhol and this repeat design came from those studies. Pretty much every child in the school had a hand in the work which took just one day to make and a day […]

The Light of the WorldThe Light of the World

Year six children made over two days. The project was designed around an Ofsted requirement for more religious symbolism within the school. The design was the result of a school competition. The work was installed in a sensory garden area.

Bugs and BeastiesBugs and Beasties

I was undertaking a class topic on Pompeii when I stumbled upon the Topps Tiles funding. We had a bare wall on the side of our Victorian greenhouse, which was becoming a bit of an eye sore. I had a moment of inspiration! We began as a class to think about what would fit on […]

MYSTerious DoorMYSTerious Door

Part of our Creative Curriculum Learning Journey – MYSTerious Worlds, using the computer fantasy quest MYST, this door is the first one the children have to work out how to open, it took about 4 hours,small groups of Y5 and 6 children working with a very talented, dedicated School Governor – Josie Gamble. Children based […]


As part of the school’s Diversity week this year, all the pupils (approx 200) took part in designing and making 8 circular mosaic panels for their playground wall. The theme was looking at patterns and designs from different cultures. The pupils choose the following countries to inspire their designs: Australia/Aboriginal; Japan; Mexico; Scotland; Africa/Ndebele; China; […]


A three day project with all of the school involved. The work was to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond jubilee and the Olympics. To avoid the copyright problems of using the Olympic logo we used the coloured rings in a different layout with school activities set in and around them. The crown is a faithful reproduction […]

Torquay is special to meTorquay is special to me

Whole school project, 200 pupils, 5-11 years old. The children across the school created sketches based on the idea ‘what makes Torquay special to me’. The ideas were voted upon, put together and combined to make the final design. We worked with the Devon Guild of Craftsmen project ‘Big Hand, Little Hand’. The children learnt […]