2012 Oympics Celebration Mosaic

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2012 Oympics Celebration Mosaic

Filed under: 2012 entries
School: Berkeley Primary School
Location: Berkeley, Gloucestershire
Artist: Angela Williams & Lynda Knott
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The 2012 Olympic Celebration mosaic was created over 5 days during an Olympic Topic week. Every child in the school and pre-school took part (approximately 200 children, age 3- 11 years). Teachers and parents also helped therefore making it a whole community effort! The mosaic is now sited at the entrance to the school hall at the end of the playground and at 2.1m x 1.2m it provides a colourful focal point to what was just a blank brick wall.

The design was created using ideas and suggestion from the children. Specifically they wanted to show Olympic sports that they participate in during their time at Primary School – football, swimming, tennis, hockey, throwing, gymnastics, running and cycling – the stick men idea came from their drawings! They also wanted the design to be unique to Berkeley – we achieved this by showing a silhouette of the skyline of the town, highlighting important and recognisable local buildings including: the school, the castle, the church and the power station.

A temporary mosaic studio was set up in a classroom where each class in turn came to take part. Pre-school and Key Stage 1 children created the border in the colours of the Olympic rings and Key Stage 2 children completed the main mosaic, cutting and shaping every piece of tesserae.

The project was partly funded by an award from Mega Mosaic Makers and the remainder from the PTA.

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