Bugs and Beasties

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Bugs and Beasties

Filed under: 2012 entries
School: St Joseph's RC Primary
Location: Aberdeen
Artist: Louise Lacaze
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I was undertaking a class topic on Pompeii when I stumbled upon the Topps Tiles funding. We had a bare wall on the side of our Victorian greenhouse, which was becoming a bit of an eye sore. I had a moment of inspiration!

We began as a class to think about what would fit on the wall in keeping with the school garden. The children liked the idea of bugs and soon each class was designing its own large bug. I showed my class how to apply the tiles to the mesh and they then went on to lead small groups from Nursery to Primary 7 to create their mosaic bug. (Ages 5-11- 300 children) Some of these bugs are dotted around the 3 different playground sections. We had so many bugs and little flowers etc left over we needed to plan a large mosaic for the greenhouse wall. The children came up with the idea of a tree and continuing the look of the garden on the wall. The children continued to work onto mesh during school time making bugs and flowers.

During the 2 week we enlisted the help of older children/parents/teachers to apply the tree directly to the wall. The children decided where the flowers and bugs should be placed and the whole wall was filled in with plain tiles. From beginning to end the wall took us about 8 months, with the final wall being ready for the children coming back after the Easter holidays.

The project brought the whole school together and it is still lovely to see the children tracing the bugs and flowers with their fingers at play time. Our school garden has been enterered into the Scotland in Bloom competition with the mosaics being a part of the garden design. An integral part of this mosaic was that we had no ‘expert’ on board. I just read up a lot on the best way to do it with children. Each class took responsibility for choosing/designing their own bug and the children worked together in groups to lead the classes in applying the tiles. Without the support of our fantastic parents I could not have put all the final pieces together. They brought cake and tea in the holidays and took turns to help apply the pieces to the wall. The children are still involved in maintaing the wall and the individual mosaics.

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