Olympic Sports

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Olympic Sports

Filed under: 2012 entries
School: Oakfield School
Location: Wigman Road, Nottingham
Artist: Julie Vernon
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Working with children with severe, profound physical and learning disabilities ages 3 – 19. The brief was to involve every child in the school to produce a mosaic to commemorate the Olympic Games.  The school in particular wanted to explore sporting symbols and some of the sports the children were familiar with at the school.

The project was designed with the capabilities of the children involved and we used larger 2cm x 2cm tiles and simplified the figures. The colours of the Olympic Games were explored in detail as well as the textures of the different mosaic materials.  For example we used 8-10 different types of green alone and the children took great delight in choosing the tiles and handling the materials. Each circle was bordered with gold to symbolise an Olympic medal and to tie each mosaic together. We chose a circle not only to represent the Olympic rings but to celebrate the unity of the School and coming together on one project.

5 mosaic circles (24″ diameter)were produced over 2 days in School. The mosaics are to be installed on the exterior wall of the school.

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