Olympic Values

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Olympic Values

Filed under: 2012 entries
School: Willesley Primary School
Location: Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leics
Artist: Julie Vernon
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The school wanted to celebrate and commemorate the Olympic Games by producing a mosaic for their assembly hall.  The brief in particular was to explore the Olympic Values of respect, inspiration, excellence, equality, courage, determination and friendship. We chose a 40″ circular design as the circle not only represents an Olympic medal and the Olympic rings but it also represents the values of equality, teamwork and friendship – coming together with one common goal.

The school ran a competition and 40 children (ages 5 – 11 years) were chosen to make the mosaic over a 2 day period although every child in the School was involved in the process and had the opportunity to see the mosaic come to life and handle the materials. The mosaic was designed with simplicity in mind so that the children could take responsibility and do most of the work themselves under the artists guidance.

As well as exploring the Olympic values during the process we also used the mosaic as a colour study, exploring the colours of the Olympic rings and the diversity of the mosaic materials available. For example we used 8 – 10 different reds alone.  The whole mosaic was bordered in gold to represent the gold medals we were hoping to win in the games.

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