Story Telling Mosaic Path – highly commended

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Story Telling Mosaic Path – highly commended

Filed under: 2012 entries
School: Chorlton C E Primary School
Location: Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester
Artist: Tracey Cartledge
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This project offered the opportunity for 30 Y3 children to create original designs using ceramic mosaic. They all experienced the process of casting concrete and making durable stepping stones with mosaic inlay.

The whole school was involved in the design process. All the children created images to represent elements of stories: characters, objects and places, using fabric collage. Then, staff and Y3 pupils looked carefully at the suggestions to decide which of them would work best in mosaic and for the purpose of the story-telling game.

Y3 children created 15 final designs and made them up in frost resistant ceramic mosaic on templates. A day was arranged when four parents could come to school to help and the Y3 children worked in small groups to set their mosaics into concrete stepping stones. Once the cast stepping stones were set, the children released them from the moulds and cleaned and finished them ready to go into the ground.

The stepping stones serve a number of purposes. As well as the story-telling games that they are used for – both informally and as part of literacy lessons, they also make the (sometimes daunting) walk to the nursery building more fun and exciting for the youngest members of the school, whilst adding colour and interest to the general outdoor environment.

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