Under The Sea

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Under The Sea

Filed under: 2012 entries
School: Teignmouth primary schools
Location: Teignmouth, Devon
Artist: Michelle Greenwood-Brown
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Four Teignmouth primary schools took part in the project: Hazeldown, Inverteign, Shaldon primary and OLSP. The money was raised by an organisation called Teignmouth First to celebrate jubilee year.

The children from the four schools were asked to make drawings of what they imagined took place under the sea, as we are a seaside town.

Michelle (the artist) collected the drawings and chose the ones, two from each school,which were most suitable to be made into a mosaic. The schools chose which years took part, Shaldon chose year 3 & 4, Hazeldown two year 4 classes, OLSP year 5 & 6, Inverteign year 4 & 5. The designs were drawn onto the wooden panels (4ft x 3.5ft) and Michelle spent one or two days in each of the schools making the mosaics with the children.

Once the children had stuck all the pieces on Michelle took them back to her workshop and grouted them. The mosaics were framed and have now been placed permenantly in Teignmouth town centre. There are eight panels made by the four schools and approximatly 30 children worked on each one, so about 240 children altogether.

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