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Be All You Can Be

Filed under: 2014 entries
School: Noblehill Primary School
Location: Dumfries
Artist: Maggie Munro
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Last year after a whole school consultation it was decided to choose a new school motto. Pupils,staff and parents were all involved and “Be All You Can Be” was chosen.We wanted a way to celebrate this and so decided to make a comemorative mosaic. This would be displayed in our school entrance which was a bit dull and unwelcoming.

The pupils made drawings relating to school life and the winners chosen and made into posters for display in the school.Aspects from each drawing were then tranfered on to boards by pupils for making into our mosaic.

We had no previous experience of mosaic and used the educational pages on your web site to guide us.We set aside every Thursday afternoon for working on the project starting with the p7 class, who did the more complicated parts and areas where tile cutting was involved.Each week a different class took a turn ending with the children in the Nursery who did the areas where more free style could be used.

After the firt part was finished the older pupils helped make a 3D bumble bee. This was a slow process as we had to hold the tiles in place with coctail sticks until the glue had dried.

We now have a colourful, creative and original display in our entrance and we have definately caught the mosaic bug, as we are currently working on more.

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