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Hand in Hand

Filed under: 2014 entries
School: Cross in Hand CE Primary
Location: Heathfield
Artist: Robeena Williams
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Our mosaic was the inspiration of our Head Teacher, Mrs Maureen Fairhead. It was her ambition to create a mosaic in the entrance hall of our school, which would welcome all who passed through its doors.

Our first thoughts coincided with a series of meetings held by our School Council during which the children were to decide upon a new school motto. Their intention was to reflect the happy and ┬ácaring atmosphere of our school, and the Council eventually settled on a motto that echoed the school’s name and its religious ethos: With faith in our future, we learn hand in hand.

An extract from this proved to be the ideal starting point for the design process of our mosaic. After further discussion, School Council decided that each year group should vote to choose a Bible story that could be depicted as a panel within the mosaic. Our Art Subject Leader, Mrs Robeena Williams, organised the design process during which every child from Year 1 to Year 6 produced a design for their Bible story. She then considered each design in order to produce scale drawings for each panel, reproducing some designs exactly and sometimes including elements from several children’s drawings. These were combined with a pair of linked hands to complete our overall design.

In the meantime, we had successfully applied to Megamosaicmakers for a pack of materials. These were used in the construction process which was led by Mrs Alex Sorokin, a parent from our school who is also a mosaic artist. Under her direction, every child in the school placed several pieces into their panel or the background of the mosaic. In addition, she assisted as every member of staff, assorted visitors and numerous parents also contributed. Even our youngest children played a part in completing the border of the mosaic. Alex then took the complete mosaic home to grout and varnish it.

We are immensely proud of our finished piece, representing as it does the culmination of a year’s work and a collaboration of ideas, skills and enthusiasm of our school community. At the moment, it remains curtained off in our entrance hall until its grand unveiling in front of the school, parents and press by our Arch Deacon in early June.

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