School Life – 2nd place

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School Life – 2nd place

Filed under: 2014 entries
School: St Michaels Primary School
Location: London
Artist: Tamara Froud
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With a lot of building work going on at the school, this project was about celebrating school life. Where the new building joined the old building, and old exterior wall was now a triple level inside wall in the new library. This was the canvass for the mosaic.

Tamara came in to do a design session with the form leaders, where they brainstormed ideas. The teachers then ran design sessions based around those ideas and Tamara put together the final design from drawings she received. Each element of the design comes directly from a child’s drawing.

This was a fully inclusive project and during the 2 weeks of workshops, all the classes including the nursery and all staff helped to make the mosaic. After school sessions were also held where parents could take part with their children.

Then, in the holidays, scaffolding was set up and the mosaic was installed and grouted by the artists.



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