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This wonderful colourful mosaic kit goes out to all the successful schools

This wonderful colourful mosaic kit goes out to all the successful schools

Please apply between January and end of early summer term (24th May)  2014.


Schools can apply this completely free and WONDERFUL PACK OF MOSAIC MATERIALS on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED basis. This will repen January 2015.

Anyone (artist/parent) can apply on behalf of a school, but please check with your school first so resources are not wasted or applications duplicated.

If you are not successful first time you may apply again the following year, if you have received a pack before you may apply again but your request may not be granted. The awards are discretionary, to a maximum of £150 and are only given in the form of materials. Regretfully it is not possible to acknowledge schools that are not successful.

Many schools have received packs over the last over the last few years and thanks are given to your sponsor Topps tiles for providing this fabulous opportunity to make wonderful art with tiles!

We hope we will see the results of your endeavours in Mega Mosaic Makers 2015 (opens January 2015).

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If you experience any problems with this form please contact Anne on 01799 501137.

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