Benny Semp – Birmingham

Artists name: Benny Semp
Telephone: 07715 604333

Based in: Birmingham

I’m a Birmingham based visual artist delivering participatory arts projects and workshops with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Much of my work is based on simple inspiring ideas and materials, structured in a way that encourages people to respond creatively and have fun regardless of their experience. Working with schools, art galleries, community groups and public events I use a wide range of 2D and 3D techniques to provide an accessible and rewarding creative experience for every participant. I often incorporate mosaic making into projects as it is easy for participants of all ages to master, yet always produces a beautiful and long-lasting outcome.

Recent Entries

Wonderful Wildlife – 1st place School Life – 2nd place Garden Suburb Infant School Centenary Mosaic – 3rd place The Pine Abstract Art The Art of Music Habitats Memorial Mosaic Live, Love, Laugh, Learn The 7 Habits Tree