Cathy Cant – Essex

Artist: Cathy Cant
Business name: I Dream Mosaic
Tel: 01702 528831 / 07792 992 153

Based in: Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

I have been making mosaics for a number of years, but was finally able to explore my passion almost full time when I retired in 2009. My preference is for making mosaics as wall or garden installations.

I have collaborated with local group Community Mosaics East on a number of community-focused projects, most recently a public installation at Moon Corner, Leigh on Sea, working with the Southend Zimbabwean Network.

“I completed and installed a large mosaic in the School Hall of Eversley Primary School, Pitsea, Essex in November 2012. The mosaic incorporated a number of elements specifically requested by the School, including the School Squirrel, the Reading Hut (the school promotes literacy – hence the Squirrel is reading from a book); a golden crown (to mark the Jubilee) and an Olympic Athlete; the year (added to the crown in lieu of ermine); and the four School Houses  (initials set against a balloon of the appropriate colour) – and lots of vibrant colour.”

I am a member of BAMM.

Recent Entries

Wonderful Wildlife – 1st place School Life – 2nd place Garden Suburb Infant School Centenary Mosaic – 3rd place The Pine Abstract Art The Art of Music Habitats Memorial Mosaic Live, Love, Laugh, Learn The 7 Habits Tree