Gisella Gibbon – Scarborough


Artist: Gisela Gibbon
Business Name: Make It So Mosaics
Tel: 01723 354072

Based in: Scarborough

Mosaic, Glass and Gypsum Plaster Artist

Creativity itself is my source of personal joy, discovery, and amazement at the creative powers given to us all. I belief it is a hidden message from nature that we indeed have our part to play how the universe around us unfolds. It means the power to influence our lives and drawing inspiration from it on a daily basis.

Art for me is translation, the link between my inner life and its outward expression, and the link between my experiences of the outer world with my inner perspective, a helping hand to make sense of what is around us and our place within it.

The choice of art as a sole career is one of courage fairly late in my life, a courage I have only been able to develop after years of different professional choices, with the creative approach ever present, always as a source of healing, and stress relief, a place where I could be just me, without pretense, without living up to anyone’s expectations except of my own, the expectation of truthful artistic expression combined with the concentration on quality of the craftswoman. Imagine the artisan who fuses the qualities of different material with her own soul, as the only way to find the place of inner peace and integrity of workmanship.

My chosen media are mosaics, stained glass and gypsum plaster work, finding the combination of unexpected materials especially exciting. It is the shiny wet rock on a sandy beach that looks especially beautiful, a bright rainbow against dark clouds, so I play with the textures of rough substrates or sandy grout against smooth glass, of bright stained glass against plain white plaster, of delicate touches against a strong and stubborn theme – opposites attract nowhere more than in art, we recognize ourselves in it, and we recognize that it is the bits of grit in our psyche that helps turn our personalities into pearls. Yes, my art should have the element of surprise, not of smooth shallow beauty, but of depth, warmth, joy, born out of unyielding even unforgiving materials imbued with a tender touch. How exciting to create a sense of flow out of solid glass, or see the sunshine break through plain gypsum.

When creating commissions my art becomes a happy threesome of influences, the vision of the customer, the potential of materials used and my artistic interpretation carried out with perfectionistic craftmanship.

I am largely self taught, but did qualify as a tiler at NETT to make sure I know about adhesives and grouts and making sure my works lasts, on its own or in combination with other tiling work. My experience is appreciated on where I am the only Trusted Advisor in all things mosaic. I am a professional member of BAMM (the British Association of Modern Mosaics)

and am also extremely fortunate to have an artistic mentor and teacher, the undisputed worldwide master of micromosaics, and producer of traditional Coptic Christian stained glass windows with gypsum, Saad Romany Mikhaiel from Cairo, also a professional member of BAMM as well as SAMA ( the South American Mosaic Association)

I live and work from my home studio, close to the sea and looking at the wonderful trees around our garden enjoying the intermittent cups of tea brought in by my husband and the purrs from my cat. It is a good life, and my work, I hope, expresses that peace I find there.

Recent Entries

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