Project – Riverhead

riverhead-mainA fun creative Mosaic Project that the whole school can take part in!

Featured school, Riverhead Primary School in Riverhead, Kent.

As an experienced mosaic artist Martin Cheek has developed a technique for making unique mosaic projects with schools. With its four stages, the project can be completed within one term. The technique is entirely safe – children as young as four can take an active part. The result is a beautiful piece of art designed by pupils, which can be hung in a prominent place within your school. It can also be used as your school logo and incorporated into letterheads, Christmas cards or printed onto T-shirts!

Schools Project Outline

riverhead-detail-1Stage 1: The pupils draw ideas for the theme of the mosaic on paper. This could relate to a current project the pupils are already involved in i.e. dinosaurs, farm yard animals etc. or it could be managed as a school competition, the winning drawing(s) being taken as the theme of the mosaic.

Stage 2: The children draw their designs onto prepared tiles of clay. The designs are then cut out as shapes and taken away to be fired. The individually fired pieces are painted by the children paint using a non toxic ‘paint your own pottery’ glaze. Then they are glazed.

Stage 3: The finished tiles are then incorporated into the chosen mosaic design.

riverhead-detail-2Stage 4: The finished mosaic. The children can see the results of their own creative work and the school can have its very own unveiling ceremony!

The project is very flexible and can be adapted – any number of creative ideas can be incorporated.

Martin Cheek B.A. (Hons)

Martin has been making mosaics for 25 years and is the author of five best selling books on mosaics. For a gallery of his work see There you can also see many more mosaics made with other schools.

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