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This competition is now closed until 2015.

If you having problems uploading pics to this site, please complete and send the form, send pics separately attached to an email to entries@megamosaicmakers.org.uk.. Please make sure your pics do not exceed 2mb each (please check as new cameras do tend to have quite a large size default) and are well labelled in the subject line of your email with the name of your school. If your pics are too big, they will not load. Please note many modern cameras (and even phones) have very large file sizes that WILL NOT LOAD UNLESS RESIZED.

If you are planning a mosaic for the future you can apply for funding on the e-form on this website. Be sure to read our notes about how to make mosaics with children on our education pages.

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If you experience any problems with this form please contact Anne on 01799 501137.

Who is eligible?

Any primary school in the UK, participating children should be a maximum of 11 years old, at the time the mosaic is completed. Projects can be only be submitted to this competition once.
Entries must be submitted by a teacher or leader, who will be the main point of contact. Entries also welcomed from middle schools, or from older children with limited ability.
The competition is open to everyone involved in education; teachers, parent helpers, art co-ordinators, as well as professional artists or mosaic artists.

Submitting work

Submit the application form above – please fill out one form per piece of work. Your submission will appear on the site under ’2014 entries’ in due course, please check back and email us if your entry does not appear. Please DO CHECK the site ater apporximately one week to make sure your entry has been displayed.

Photographs must be submitted digitally. As the pictures appear quite large on the screen you need a good resolution (300dpi) but not larger than 2-3mb each. You can upload them via our entry form (preferred) but if you have problems please attach them to an email and send them to us.

MOST IMPORTANT – if you can, tag each picture with ‘name of mosaic’ and school, even if abbreviated ie ‘James Grn ps Fndshp’

Do not exceed the number of photos recommended  ( 3). Please take one ‘head on’, one showing detail and one that shows the work in situ.

Entries will be published in our gallery  for judging. Please do not include children in the pictures, unless you have written permission from parents/guardians.

Please do justice to your work with clear, good quality photography, as you can see pics of poor quality appear grainy on the site, about 2mb is a good size, 300dpi.

Judges will:

• Favour child originated concepts
• Give consideration to the size of the group
• Consider the ages of the children and how far adults were involved in the making.

Entries will be shortlisted by the judges. Entrants agree to publicity, their work will be featured on relevant publications and websites. Where possible winners will be presented by their local Topps Tile store manager or representative.

Recent Entries

Wonderful Wildlife – 1st place School Life – 2nd place Garden Suburb Infant School Centenary Mosaic – 3rd place The Pine Abstract Art The Art of Music Habitats Memorial Mosaic Live, Love, Laugh, Learn The 7 Habits Tree